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The Trident is a Godly-level heavy aviation cruiser of the Steel Striders NAVY. It has been retired, being functionally replaced by the Whaleshark aircraft carrier.

General Info
Faction Steel Striders
Corporation N/A
Difficulty Godly
Type Heavy Aviation Cruiser
Campaign Battle Points N/A
Volume in m³ 31'772m^3
Spawn Chance N/A
Top Speed in m/s 12m/s
Additional Information
Armour N/A
Speed with wind up to N/A
Material Cost N/A


Being fairly wide at 43m, its flat-bottomed hull gave it a modest draught. It had a complex aft superstructure with helipads, and a flight deck which ran along the centerline, from the bow back to roughly 2/3 the length of the ship.

As a heavy aviation cruiser, it was suitably armed with an array of eight advanced cannon turrets mounted along the sides of its superstructure, superfiring over a battery of six triple M3 missile launchers.

A unique feature is the hidden piston-mounted docking system which moved the fighters backward from their stored positions, onto a lift, and then raised them onto the flight deck through a hatch.

Air Wing[]

Ordered by mass.

  • 2x XF-30 Gannet heavy fighters. Specifically, the Trident carries a "navalized" version with folding wings called "XF-30S Gannet" stored in the below-deck hangar.
  • 1x XB-42 Lynx ASW torpedo bomber. This one starts on the flight deck and is the first to take off.
  • 5x Dromaeo attack helicopters. One launches immediately upon entering combat, while the others need time for assembly.
  • 3x XF04 light fighter jets. These are assembled after the second XF-30S clears the flight deck. This is very likely a precursor of the XF-04 "Hake".