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Sail Winch
Sail Winch.png
Health 85
Armour Class 1
Structural No
Weight 5
Relative Buoyancy +4.5
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 1.5

Winches should be placed at the top of the upper most "mast" sail attachment to raise the sail and at the end of "boom" sail attachment to haul the sail out. They allow you to regulate speed.
~ In-game description

The Sail Winch is an integral part of the Sail, which allows you to construct an Oceanic Spritsail (triangle) type of sails. It is required for lowering and rising sails.


|| W
|| A
|| A A
|| A A A
|| A A A A
|| M A A A W
<> = = = = =

- || - Vertical Mast
- = - Horizontal Mast
- M - Sail Main Block
- A - Sail Attachment
- W - Sail Winch
- <> - Mast corner


It should be placed at the end of a vertical and horizontal mast, next to the Sail Attachment.
To make Winches work, you access Interaction Information. Then in the Control section, you need to select Winches UJ Hydrofoils TG.


Currently only triangle shaped sails may be created with this block.

Water Controls[]

U - Rise Sail
J - Lower Sail