From the Depths Wiki
Health 400
Armour Class 30
Structural No
Weight 30
Relative Buoyancy -5.1
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 60

A propeller for your boat. Point it in the direction you want to travel! Turns engine power into force if underwater- controlled by a "Vehicle Controller" in "water mode" using "U" to accelerate and "H" to decelerate.

A Propeller is the most basic form of propulsion. It is a smaller but less efficient Huge Propeller.


Useful for when a Huge Propeller would either not fit, or be overkill. That is typically the case when using them with PIDs for active stability assist.

For main propulsion small propellers are rarely if ever worth it. Compared to Huge Propellers, they provide less thrust per volume, per area, per power used, and per build-cost.


  • Max force: 1200
  • Max power use: 45
  • Optimal empty space behind Propeller is 8 meters
  • Top speed is 100m/s
  • EMP Susceptibility: 20%
  • EMP Damage Reduction: 10/m