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Neter is the standard planet of From the Depths.


Each tile is about 5 km across.

Resource zones[]

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Reason: "This is still from before combining all resources into material. AfaIk at least one zone was created, many were turned into limited zones"

NOTE: This table is anything but finished. I will add more to it as time goes on.

Zone Initial owner X Y Growth/Second Growth/Minute Replenishment Benefit Description
The Traveling Garbage Patch Player 0 0 32 1920 6.3% This patch of floating garbage

is perpetually caught in a

circling ocean current that

carries it around the sea of

Cordale. From year to year you

never know where it may be

drifting by.

Eriwick Whirlpool Garbage Patch DWG 3 0 22 1320 0.8% Centuries of tidal currents have left

trace amounts of natural resources

and man-made trash lying around

at the bottom of the ocean here.

With the right equipment, this dirty

job can clean up the ocean and bring

a tidy profit.

Eriwick Outlet DWG 6 1 48 2850 1.6% None