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Munition Warner
Munition Warner.png
Health 400
Armour Class 40
Structural No
Weight 20
Relative Buoyancy +17.9
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 40

The munition warner component spots missiles, CRAM shells and APS shells within a hemispherical field of view. Use a laser munition defence block to shoot them down. Requires a clear line of sight out of the vehicle to work. Does not detect projectiles that are less than a meter above sea level. Detection range is reduced if the vehicle is rotating rapidly.
~ In-game description

Passive radar and sonar can also detect radar-guided missiles and torpedoes respectively.

Detection is also necessary to engage a missile with CIWS or missile-interceptors, as well as for more tactical use of countermeasures (like flares, Sensor Scrambler ECMs, Chaff Emitters, or Heat Decoys).

  • EMP susceptibility: 60%
  • EMP damage reduction: 10/m

-Detects missiles effectively out to large ranges (range depends on level of thrust of the missile thrusters)

-Can also detect large CRAM and APS shells out to shorter ranges

-Requires an unobstructed view out of the front of the camera to function (IR cameras cannot see through glass either)

-Detection ranges significantly reduced when the vehicle is turning. Above 20 degrees per second every doubling in rotation rate halves the detection range.

-Once detection has been made the contact is usually tracked for 1 second (if no further detection is made)

-Has a full field of view of 110 degrees so that 6 can cover all aspects of your vehicle.