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Health 100
Armour Class 3
Structural No
Weight 30
Relative Buoyancy -6.9
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 20

The Fuel injector is a modern alternative to carburettors and forced induction. It can be placed on any side of a cylinder.
~ In-game description

The Injector is a part used in the Otto-engine. They're a more expensive alternative to the Carburettor.


Like The Carburettor, the injector increases the fuel efficiency of nearby cylinders, and slightly increases their power. The difference between the two is that where the carburettor achieves this by constantly mixing fuel into the cylinder's air intake, the injector projects short quirts of atomized fuel directly into the cylinder through a high-pressure nozzle, resulting in significant fuel savings.

On the other-hand, Injectors can't connect to turbo- or superchargers,

Because of tighter design tolerances, this part is more expensive than the carburettor, but the extra efficiency just might be worth it if you're not expecting the engine to be damaged very often.