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Health 85
Armour Class 1
Structural Unknown
Weight 5
Relative Buoyancy Unknown
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 3

A Hydrofoil allows to change an angle of the vehicle in the water.

-EMP damage reduction: 100/m

-Max force per velocity: 10

-Only works when in water

-Can rotate from +45 degrees to -45 degrees at a rate of 40 degrees per second.


Submarines can use hydrofoils, while in the move, for submerging, changing depth and surfacing. For other crafts, hydrofoils can help keeping vehicle on the surface of the water, while traveling.

To make a simple skimmer craft simply put hydro foils on the bottom of the craft manually set to +45 degrees and turn off other inputs. this will allow the craft to skim along the surface of the water as long as forward force is present.


Creates up and down force in the water, with a respect to the vehicle speed.

Water Controls[]

T - Rotate up
G - Rotate down


  • Can not be built on structures.
  • Can not be placed on the top or bottom of the other blocks.