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Huge Propeller
Huge Propeller.png
Health 3600
Armour Class 30
Structural No
Weight 270
Relative Buoyancy -45.5
Size 3x3x1
Material Cost 540

A propeller for your extremely large boats.

A Huge Propeller turns power into thrust. It is a bigger and better Propeller.


Typically used for boats. They can be implemented in any direction, to help in more complex maneuvers. Forward, and backward motion, turning, lifting, diving, etc..

It is better to use a huge propeller than 9 small propellers: A huge propeller provides more thrust per area, per volume, per power used, and per material build cost. On top of that, huge propellers can overlap, as only the center m² checks for the 8m empty space requirement. Alternatively, you can encase a huge propeller almost entirely in armor, making it far more resilient.


  • Max force: 10800
  • Max power use: 405
  • Optimal empty space behind Propeller is 8 meters
  • Top speed: 100m/s
  • EMP Susceptibility: 20%
  • EMP damage Reduction: 10/m