Huge Propeller

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Huge Propeller
Huge Propeller.png
Health 3600
Armour Class 30
Structural No
Weight 270
Relative Buoyancy -45.5
Size 3x3x1
Material Cost 540

A propeller for your extremely large boats.

A Huge Propeller turns power into thrust. It is a bigger and better Propeller.

Application[edit | edit source]

Typically used for boats. They can be implemented in any direction, to help in more complex maneuvers. Forward, and backward motion, turning, lifting, diving, etc..

It is better to use a huge propeller than 9 small propellers: A huge propeller provides more thrust per area, per volume, per power used, and per material build cost. On top of that, huge propellers can overlap, as only the center m² checks for the 8m empty space requirement. Alternatively, you can encase a huge propeller almost entirely in armor, making it far more resilient.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Max force: 10800
  • Max power use: 400
  • Optimal empty space behind Propeller is 8 meters
  • Top speed: 100m/s
  • EMP Susceptibility: 20%
  • EMP damage Reduction: 10/m