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This is the style-guide for this Wiki. It is meant to be more specific than Gamepedia's manual of style. If you have questions (be it about the style guide, or editing in general), it is likely a good idea to ask in the FtD_Wiki channel on the official Discord server.


Page Titles[]

The first letter of each word in a title should be uppercase, even if it's lowercase in-game. This includes after hyphens, e.g. in Light-Weight Alloy. It also includes sub-titles, as "Page Titles" for this subsection. Doing so makes it easier to link, as links are case-sensitive.


All contributions should be in British English. E.g. You should use "colour" instead of "color". Exceptions for that are quotes of in-game descriptions as well as in-game names, e.g. Gray Talons. If that changes page-titles, the other version should have a redirect page.

Specific Page-Types[]


The Template:Component should be used. The title of that template defaults to the page-title, and only needs to be set if the two differ. All others default to "Unknown". The template automatically adds the page to the Category:Components

Faction Designs[]

The Template:FactionDesign should be used. The title of that template defaults to the page-title, and only needs to be set if the two differ. The additional info does not appear unless set. All other info default to "Unknown".

Default Code For A Faction-Design Page[]

The following can easily be copy-and-pasted. The {{stub}}-template marks it as "to be expanded" – remove it if expanding on creation.


== Performance ==

== Trivia ==

== Links ==


Editing Tips[]

Technically not on-topic, but possibly still useful for anyone who wants to help.

Using "edit source" (or "view source" on protected pages) can at times help to "reverse engineer" how things work. The Gamepedia Help Wiki can be useful for looking things up as well.


You can use [[Category:Name Of The Category]] to assign a page to a category.


Templates are pages that can be used to provide consistent and easily mass-editable layout. Use {{Template}} to use it, and {{Template|Variable = 42}} if the template has a variable named "variable" you want to set to 42.

Useful Templates[]

{{Quote|The Quote|Optional Author|Optional Subject|OptionalImage.png}} for quotes.

{{InGameDescription|The Description}} puts the description in a quote, with "In-game description" as the author. Preferred for quoting the descriptions of blocks and the lore of faction designs.

Most templates in the Category:Notice_templates also provide useful, mostly if you want to mark something as incorrect.