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The Deepwater Guard is one of the eight factions in the single player campaign Quest for Neter, and is the weakest and first of all the factions. Their vehicle designs focus mainly on airships, battleships and sloops with an assortment of weapons ranging from Simple Weapons to Advanced Cannons and unguided rockets, but mostly CRAM Cannons. Almost all designs of the Deepwater Guard are built with wood as the primary material, with metal being used to reinforce vulnerable areas and protect vital components like engines or ammo. Their territory spans from the Eriwick region to the Janwall region.


The Deepwater Guard is a scattered nomadic nation that lives in the desert archipelago of Janwall and stretches into the great plains of Eriwick. Due to the lack of rich soil and agricultural know-how, most of the Deepwater Guard relied on deep water fishing and whale hunting for food. Over time, the poorest of the nation learned that one of the best ways to get rich was by piracy. So, many fishing ships and whalers armed themselves and turned to the richer waters of their neighbors.

Now, the greater Deepwater Guard nation is ruled over by a loose council of twelve Pirate Lords who decide on everything from national defense, fishing rights, and which Pirate Lords control which parts of the Deepwater territories.

Many of the greatest Pirate Lords have built up their own fleets to support their style of piracy, from the Mad Skylord Sven Kno, who rules over the open ocean in great Airships—often named after his grandparents old whaling ships—to the Humorous Lord Pathos, who's ships more closely resemble traditional battleships which excel at far sea raids and land bombardment.

A lack of metal resources in Janwall means most ships in the Deepwater Guard are built from wood imported from Eriwick. Scavenged, repurposed, or built from scratch, most of them are made of fragile woods and reinforced with metal, but don't let their wooden exteriors fool you, the Deepwater Guard are known for their tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds and might surprise you if they catch you unaware.

Pirate Lords[]

Pirate Lord Goldwater

Lord Goldwater is a pirate lord of the Deepwater Guard. His vehicles include the smaller water-based craft such as Vanguard, Sea Viper and the Ant Lion. His vehicles also include the auxiliary ships such as the Sinner's Luck and the Walrus. His faction was the designer of the infamous Marauder and ships based around it like the retired campaign design Jacob's Delight. His designs tend to be quite small, or scrapped together, giving him the appearance of the weakest Pirate Lord. However, he has multiple 'frontal broadside' craft (craft that only allow the enemy to see their front) such as the Scuttlegun and Paddlegun, which are stronger, the latter of which falls into Godly difficulty.

Pirate Lord Pathos

Lord Pathos is somewhat like the bigger brother of Lord Goldwater and another lord of the Deepwater Guard. His designs are usually more recycled than built from the ground up. The Kalmar and Urchin are Easy difficulty Pathos ships, the Kalmar being a failed Moray and the Urchin being a larger version of Goldwater's Sea Viper. A single craft, the Water Buffalo, is the only Pathos craft in Regular difficulty. Lord Pathos is the Lord that owns the majority of the faster firing Advanced Cannon ships, such as similar ships Pilferer and Ransack. His ships also tend to look more like the traditional warship, with taller and larger superstructures and more realistic gun turrets, especially on his larger, godly craft such as the largest Deepwater Guard capital ship, the Crossbones. Another example would be the Plunderer. He has a few planes like the Duster, and is the Lord of the only Deepwater Guard submarine, the Pequod. The Plunderer is Pathos' capital ship, a 40 point Godly design.

Pirate Lord Riker

Lord Riker is a Lord that has a primary focus on smaller aircraft. This includes his smaller helicopter Sky Viper and the Marauder-like Atlas (and it's retrofit). The Frantic Chicken is a notable Advanced Cannon-using airship. A larger plane is the Duster. Smaller ships such as the Coyote and Red Tuna are present in Riker's force. More of Riker's style is revealed with the Gotha heavy attack aircraft and Snapjaw airship. His designs are shown to have a more animalistic side, like the Angry Chicken. His scrappy style is shown by the Godly Flying Squirrel. His smaller ships tend to look quite scrappy and recycled, whereas his stronger forces like the Snapjaw and Angry Chicken are designed similar to animals.

Pirate Lord Sven Kno

Lord Sven Kno is a Lord and master engineer that has a primary focus on larger airships, and completely air-based craft (bar the Kraken). Although, he does have a small arsenal of smaller aircraft. These include the Monkey Barrel and the Hoplite which are 5 and 3 point easy designs respectively. An example of a larger Easy difficulty airship is Falkenheim. He has smaller Regular designs such as the Swordfish and larger, stronger ones like the 40 point Piraiba. The Orca and Bucanneer are examples of 30 and 35 point Expert difficulty designs. Marlin is a strong 45 point Godly design of him. Moray is Sven Kno's capital airship, a 38 point Godly design.

Notable Figures[]

  • Captain Sal
  • Mad Colonel Franz Pigeon
  • Randolph Fitzgerald


DWG has perhaps one of the most diverse sets of units, using a submarine, airships, ships, and airplanes of vastly different styles. Most of their airships are primitive flying machines consisting of boats with helicopter blades or balloons attached, although one having an attached Particle Cannon, but a portion are fairly effective aerial battleships that were built with the intention of flying. Their ships are usually intended to be ships and are built well, but are ineffective due to the lack of resources needed to armour or arm their vehicles. The most powerful vehicles they have consist of large airships and battleships.


Vehicles usually follow one of three styles.

  • Largely ineffective but expensive ships that look like they are made to imitate other factions vehicles.
  • Vehicles that are built for effectiveness but fall short due to lack of metal. Their guns are no laughing matter to be specific.
  • Pieces of wrecks glued together to make somewhat efficient designs.

Bordering Factions[]

The Deepwater Guard has Player cornered to the south-west, Onyx Watch to the north-west, White Flayers to the north, and Lightning Hoods to the east.


In Game Designs[]

Note: This list is dated 10/10/2020 using build Beta_Test

Easy Designs
Name Corporation Type Volume in m³ Spawn Chance Top Speed in m/s
Marauder Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 5880.9 15% in P.L.Goldwater 10.6
Shuriken Pirate Lord Riker Ship 642.9 20% in P.L.Rike 11.9
Vanguard Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 1559.8 20% in P.L.Goldwater, 10% in P.L.Rike 11.0
Sea Viper Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 417.2 20% in P.L.Goldwater 20.4
Jacob's Folly Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 5650.8 10% in P.L.Goldwater 4.6
Scuttlegun Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 2488.3 30% in P.L.Goldwater 14.9
Walrus Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 8456.0 5% in P.L.Goldwater 16.0
Jacob's Scorn Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 3474.4 20% in P.L.Goldwater, 15% in P.L.Rike 27.4
Panjuandrum Pirate Lord Riker Ship 16938.0 N/A 7.7
Jacob's Treehouse Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 9366.3 N/A 9.8
Mistraider Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 12947.2 N/A 22.9
Rat Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 139.0 N/A 8.0
Duster Pirate Lord Pathos Plane 208.9 20% in P.L.Pathos 60.0
Wanda Pirate Lord Pathos Airship 1755.5 20% in P.L.Sven Kno 27.7
Swordfish Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 2315.1 20% in P.L.Sven Kno 69.7
Simoon Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 5227.9 10% in P.L.Sven Kno 19.9
Piraiba Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 12061.4 20% in P.L.Sven Kno 50.4
Steamworks Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 3504.7 25% in P.L.Rike, 5% in P.L.Sven Kno, 21.0
Grouper Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 3807.3 5% in P.L.Sven Kno 27.4
Monkey Barrel Pirate Lord Sven Kno Helicopter 930.5 15% in P.L.Sven Kno 15.5
Casket Bolt Pirate Lord Riker Helicopter 907.2 10% in P.L.Riker 6.8

Regular Designs
Name Corporation Type Volume in m³ Spawn Chance Top Speed in m/s
Scrapper Pirate Lord Riker Ship 1556.2 15% in P.L.Rike, 10% in P.L.Goldwater 15.7
Coyote Pirate Lord Riker Ship 823.6 25% in P.L.Rike, 15% in P.L.Goldwater,15% in P.L.Pathos 15.9
Patch Work Pirate Lord Riker Ship 4715.4 15% in P.L.Rike 9.6
Paddlegun Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 4785.3 25% in P.L.Goldwater 7.1
Pilferer Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 6894.4 40% in P.L.Pathos 14.9
Smoker Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 1090.6 20% in P.L.Goldwater,10% in P.L.Rike 10.8
Shrike Pirate Lord Pathos Plane 929.6 20% in P.L.Pathos 54.1
Felix Flieger B5 Geier Pirate Lord Pathos Plane 1764.1 10% in P.L.Pathos, 10% in P.L.Rike 43.9
Pequod Pirate Lord Pathos Submarine 2008.0 10% in P.L.Pathos, 7% in P.L.Goldwater 17.1
Orca Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 6468.1 30% in P.L.Sven Kno 33.8
Angry Chicken Pirate Lord Riker Airship 6687.7 15% in P.L.Rike 7.0
Barracuda Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 7847.9 40% in P.L.Sven Kno 17.8
Atlas Pirate Lord Riker Airship 5484.3 15% in P.L.Rike, 10% in P.L.Sven Kno 14.7
Falkenheim Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 4216.9 15% in P.L.Sven Kno 21.7
Marlin Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 7677.2 40% in P.L.Sven Kno 18.9
Conger Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 10123.3 40% in P.L.Sven Kno 18.0
Snapjaw Pirate Lord Riker Airship 5911.1 30% in P.L.Rike, 10% in P.L.Sven Kno 38.0
Frantic Chicken Pirate Lord Riker Airship 1817.7 20% in P.L.Rike 22.4
Coffin Nail Pirate Lord Riker Helicopter 6687.7 20% in P.L.Rike 51.6

Expert Designs
Name Corporation Type Volume in m³ Spawn Chance Top Speed in m/s
Kalmar Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 7779.2 10% in P.L.Pathos, 5% in Goldwater 21.6
Riverhome Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 5528.7 15% in P.L.Goldwater, 7% in P.L.Rike 10.1
Plunderer Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 15947.5 40% in P.L.Pathos 23.5
Kraken Pirate Lord Sven Kno Ship 10180.8 40% in P.L.Sven Kno 7.4
Corsair Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 2578.7 20% in P.L.Pathos 20.3
Prowler Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 10132.0 10% in P.L.Goldwater, 10% in P.L.Pathos 17.0
Tortuga Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 17198.8 20% in P.L.Pathos, 8% in P.L.Sven Kno 10.8
Red Tuna Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 1778.8 N/A 14.2
Moray Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 8236.3 40% in P.L.Sven kno 24.8

Godly Designs
Name Corporation Type Volume in m³ Spawn Chance Top Speed in m/s
Rapier Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 2381.0 N/A 14.9
Crossbones Pirate Lord Pathos Ship 29428.3 30% in P.L.Pathos 10.7
Flounder Pirate Lord Goldwater Ship 8774.6 N/A 9.7
Flying Squirrel Pirate Lord Riker plane 242.9 10% in P.L.Rike 115.2
Bucanneer Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 17129.0 40% in P.L.Sven Kno 28.7
Tarpon Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 17235.6 N/A 7.0
Leatherback Pirate Lord Riker Airship 17975.4 N/A 7.0
Dorado Pirate Lord Riker Airship 7432.7 N/A 7.0
Albacore Pirate Lord Sven Kno Airship 14465.9 N/A 7.0

Installations And Buildings
Name Corporation Type Volume in m³
The Fishing Hole N/A Installation 6101.0
Davy Jones Outpost N/A Installation 30708.1
Sinner's Outpost N/A Installation 3024.8
Fish'N A Barrel Pirate Lord Riker Installation 12108.9
Large House N/A Building 2105.0
Medium House N/A Building 1856
Small House N/A Building 847.5
Tiny House N/A Building 569.3
Arblast N/A Building 3615.1
Airship Gantry: Atlas Pirate Lord Pathos Building 6167.9
Airship Gantry: Moray Pirate Lord Pathos Building 20320.9
Water Tower Pirate Lord Pathos Building 2966.9
Coastal Defence N/A Building 1271.0
Seabird Cannon Fortress N/A Building 3089.5

Special Fleets[]

  • Coffin Nail Armada - Three Coffin Nails are spawned, one flanking the first on either side:

In-game description: "The Coffin Armada is sent by the crazed generals of the Deepwater Guard to salvage villages and errant ships. Circling their prey they close in until the huge downwards facing cannons of the Coffin Nail airships are directly above the target and then they unleash their full potency."

  • Drake Column - Five Drakes are spawned in a column, one behind the other:

In-game description: "The long arm of the Deepwater Guard and feared by navies throughout Neter. Once this column of fighters have flown over there is generally nothing left. The running joke in the DWG air-arm is that the final member in the column has never actually seen any action."

In-game description: "Crazy. Nothing else left to say. Now let's try to survive."

  • Return of the Shrike - A Shrike.
  • River Runners - A Riverhome and Sinner's Luck are spawned.
  • Swamp Rats - A Scrapper escorted by two Shurikens.
  • Rum Runners - A Walrus, Sea Adder and Sea Viper.
  • Release the Krakens! - A Kraken is spawned.

Retired Vessels[]

A variety of different designs were removed over time. Some of them may, however, still be found in the game's files, but will no longer spawn in Campaign

Retired Vehicles
Name Corporation Difficulty Type Campaign Battle Points Volume in m³ Spawn Chance Top Speed in m/s Removed on Version Notes
AntLion Pirate Lord Goldwater Easy Ship 3 364 30% in P.L.Goldwater 5.2
Hoplite Pirate Lord Sven Kno Easy Airship 3 165 30% in P.L.Sven Kno 8.8
Jacob's Delight Pirate Lord Goldwater Easy Ship 40 14,936 8% in P.L.Goldwater 6.4
Nessie Pirate Lord Riker Easy Airship 10 1,695 15% in P.L.Rike 10.4
Sea Adder Pirate Lord Goldwater Easy Ship 8 761 20% in P.L.Goldwater 5.9
Sinner's Luck Pirate Lord Goldwater Easy Ship 28 6,186 10% in P.L.Goldwater 10.0
Sky Viper Pirate Lord Riker Easy Helicopter 3 105 30% in P.L.Rike, 40% in P.L.Sven Kno 20.3
Urchin Pirate Lord Pathos Easy Ship 5 516 20% in P.L.Goldwater, 40% in P.L.Pathos 3.5
Atlas Retrofit Pirate Lord Goldwater Regular Airship 18 4,176 20% in P.L.Rike, 10% in P.L.Sven Kno 14.2
Baby Paddlegun Pirate Lord Goldwater Regular Ship 15 2,199 10% in P.L.Goldwater 6.5
Sledge Pirate Lord Riker Regular Ship 8 844 35% in P.L.Riker, 15% in P.L.Pathos, 15% in P.L.Goldwater 8.8
Wanderlust Pirate Lord Goldwater Regular Ship 20 6,164 10% in P.L.Goldwater 13.6
Water Buffalo Pirate Lord Pathos Regular Ship 18 3,528 8% in P.L.Goldwater, 15% in P.L.Pathos 5.6
Swordfish Pirate Lord Sven Kno Regular Helicopter 25 2,815 10% in P.L.Sven Kno 37.8
Gotha Pirate Lord Riker Expert Plane 12 2,102 10% in P.L.Rike, 10% in P.L.Pathos 50.5 Still exists in Ashes Of The Empire
Paddlegun Prototype Pirate Lord Goldwater Expert Ship 18 4,434 20% in P.L.Goldwater, 10% in P.L.Pathos 10.9
Ransack Pirate Lord Pathos Expert Ship 20 4,657 30% in P.L.Pathos 14.4
Sunfish Pirate Lord Sven Kno Expert Helicopter 15 737 10% in P.L.Sven Kno 23.6
Red Tuna Pirate Lord Riker Expert Ship 5 1,220 5% in P.L.Rike, 3% in P.L.Goldwater 14.2