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Air Pump
Health 85
Armour Class 4
Structural No
Weight 10
Relative Buoyancy +27.7
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 10

Air pumps are used to provide buoyancy in enclosed water tight spaces by pumping out the water. They must not be exposed to water in any direction.

An Air Pump drains water from within a vehicle, increasing its buoyancy.


The pump is placed at the bottom of an empty space with no underwater openings (above-water openings are fine). A single pump is enough for a volume of 3.500 cubic metres (larger volumes may cause performance issues).

While operating, the pump provides bouyancy (measured in cubic metres), and can be operated via Automated Control Blocks, making it useful for creating ballast- and trim tanks. None of these processes require power.

Multiple pumps in the same compartment may provide redundancy, though whatever destroys the first pump is likely to also create a hull breach, rendering the second pump useless.